Dinglong Huang

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Malong Technologies

Dr. Dinglong Huang is co-founder and CEO of Malong Technologies, a global leader in artificial intelligence headquartered in Shenzhen,China.
Raised in the small seaside community of Yantian during Shenzhen’s pre-boom years, Dinglong was a standout student, obtaining his Ph.D. from China’s prestigious Tsinghua University. From there, Dinglong excelled in technology leadership roles at Google, Microsoft, Tencent and TripAdvisor. At Microsoft, he and fellow researcher Matt Scott joined forces to create the company’s most successful cases of bottom-up research innovation turning into new business for Microsoft China.
In 2014, Dinglong and Matt extended their partnership toward a shared vision of artificial intelligence helping to improve lives and create new opportunity. They co-founded Malong Technologies, an award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) startup in China. The company is on a mission to help its enterprise customers transform with AI to achieve higher efficiency, quality and safety, by creating machines that can "see" physical objects such as products -- just like a person can. Malong makes it easy for any business to integrate world-class image recognition and retrieval into their products via a cloud platform called ProductAI (productai.com). In 2015, the company graduated with honors from the Microsoft Ventures Startup Accelerator, won the first “AI Pioneer” award from Microsoft in 2016 and received other top-tier awards for its AI technology from Amazon and NVIDIA. In 2017, at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (the world’s premier computer vision scientific gathering), Malong achieved a technical breakthrough in weakly supervised deep learning and used it to outperform over 100 AI research institutes from around the world to win the WebVision Challenge from Google, ETH Zürich and Carnegie-Mellon University. The company has raised over millions in venture capital funding, including B-round lead by Softbank in China.

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