Gaëlle Offranc Piret

Researcher, Inserm

> Young Scientist at the WEF 2019, Dalian - Expertise in Neurotechnologies for disabilities -
> Permanent Researcher, INSERM, the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research,
> Leader of the European ERC BRAIN MICRO SNOOPER project and team (~5 people) – a mimetic implant for minimal disruption, stable stimulation and recording of intra-cortical neural units.
> Science communication : Courses for science vulgarization in primary school and college with the “Maison Pour la Science”; Communication of science neurotechnology research for large public access at MINATEC.
> CV : Master’s in Physics, University of Orsay-Paris 11; PhD in Physics, IEMN (Lille, France). Formerly: Postdoctoral Researcher at polytechnique school, Palaiseau-Paris and then at the University of Lund, Sweden.
> Research fields key words: medical science, material science; nanomaterials – nanowires, nanoparticles, nanostructures, material nanostructuration; micro/nanotechnology – microelectrode arrays, etching, coating, patterns, microfluidic, chip, lab on chip; neuroscience – neurons, central nervous system, calcium imaging, neural signal recording; materials – silicon, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, gold, silver, gallium phosphide, biopolymers; surfaces – surface wetting, superhydrophilic/phobic surfaces, cell adhesion, biomolecule adhesion, surface chemistry, surface roughness, surface biocompatibility, thin films; biomaterials analyses – immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, confocal microscopy, mass spectrometry; material analyses – electrode electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, photoluminescence, infrared spectroscopy, UV absorbance, ellipsometry; biomolecules – DNA, peptides, proteins, antibodies, bilayers; cells and tissues – mammalian cells, bacillus cereus, primary neurons from the retina, glial cells, retina, brain.

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