Gary LaFever

Chief Executive Officer, Anonos

Anonos embeds trust and privacy in data, enabling lawful analytics and data sharing with no utility loss.

Everybody wants to participate in the new data economy but is searching for how they can actually realize that goal. Without new data privacy/protection controls, companies put themselves at regulatory risk, resulting in claims and fines running into the billions when engaging in unlawful processing. As a result, companies face potential catastrophic impacts on their business and data supply chains.

Anonos technology embeds technical data protection controls into patented Variant Twins of data to expand lawful analytics and data sharing for all stakeholders in global data supply chains. Anonos’ unique Variant Twins enable competitive benefits, not only preserving data processing, international data transfer, cloud processing, and 100% data accuracy but maximizing data value by restoring Trust in global data ecosystems.

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