Heizo Takenaka

Professor Emeritus, Keio University

BA in Economics, Hitotsubashi University; PhD in Economics, Osaka University. 1973, with Japan Development Bank; 1981, Visiting Scholar, Harvard and University of Pennsylvania; 1990, Associate Professor and 1996, Professor, Policy Management, Keio University; 1998, Member, Economic Strategy Council; 2000, Member, IT Strategy Council; 2001, Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy and for IT Policy; 2002, Minister of State for Financial Services and for Economic and Fiscal Policy; 2004, elected to House of Councillors; Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy; 2005, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications and Privatization of Postal Services. Currently, Professor Emeritus, Keio University, Professor, Toyo University. Member of the Board of Trustees, World Economic Forum.

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