Jacques Cantin

Global Shaper, Auckland Hub, New Zealand

Hey! I'm Jacques.

My core areas of dedication are focussed on ensuring high-risk individuals and organizations are safe and secure.

My expertise blends Law and Policy with the technical intricacies of Data Science, Information Security, and Digital Privacy. InfoSec, OPSEC, Digital Privacy, Online Safety, Cryptography, Data Governance and Policy, Māori Data Sovereignty, Policy Development, International Law, and International Relations are my main interest areas.

In my day-to-day at FaradayHQ, I specialise in digital privacy, online safety, information security, and reputation management—stepping in proactively or in times of distress to help our clients regain control of their online lives.

If any of those are areas of shared curiosity, or if you're keen to network, please reach out. I'm always ready to chat!

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