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Jamie C. Drummond

Co-Founder and Executive Director, ONE

Jamie Drummond co-founded DATA with Bono, Bobby Shriver and others in 2002 and co-founded ONE in 2004. They merged in 2008. ONE's mission is to help the world's poorest countries, especially in Africa, to beat AIDS and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Through the G8, DATA helped negotiate and advocate for a new high watermark of promises at the 2005 Summit, involving a doubling of aid promised for Africa by 2010, including improvements in aid quality. ONE, and before it DATA, place great value on aid efficiency and the kinds of aid which empower the poor and help them hold governments accountable and assist their fight against corruption and poverty. Drummond was formerly Global Strategist for Jubilee 2000's Drop the Debt campaign and prior to that, worked at Christian Aid. He has traveled widely in Africa and Asia and has an MA in Development from the London School of Oriental and African Studies.