John Goodwin

Chief Executive Officer, The LEGO Foundation

Degree in Mathematical Engineering, University of Loughborough. Former: Vice-President and President, Procter & Gamble; Executive Vice-President and CFO, LEGO Group, with responsibilities comprising finance, corporate IT, corporate business services, legal affairs, procurement, external relations and CSR. April 2017, joined the LEGO Foundation as Chief Executive Officer. The LEGO Foundation is on a mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. The Foundation wants to build a future in which learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged, life-long learners. This ambition is more critical than ever. Children grow up facing rapid change, global challenges and a highly interconnected world, all of which affect their future prospects. At the heart of the LEGO Foundation's ambitions is the desire to influence parents, policy-makers and practitioners to perceive and practice play as a powerful means of acquiring skills for a changing world - and to provide the evidence and advocacy to support it. Interest: devotes his spare time to charitable and voluntary work.

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