Julien Weissenberg

Global Shaper, Zurich Hub, VisualSense

Dr. Julien Weissenberg is an AI Expert and (social-)entrepreneur.

With world-leading expertise in algorithms to analyze and understand images, he is the founder of VisualSense AI, which offers scientific advisory in AI.

He also co-founded Free Walk Switzerland (largest tour organization in Switzerland: 7 cities, 50+ guides, 250+ tours/month, rated #1 tour in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lucerne and Zurich on TripAdvisor).

Julien is Head of Projects and Events in the Global Shapers Zurich hub, where he leads two projects:
"Y generation helpline": helping the Swiss suicide helpline to use top online marketing to reach younger generations (suicide is the first cause of death amongst youth in Switzerland).
"Social-tech hub": opening a Social-Impact Tech hub in Zurich to support startups with a social impact. Organizing a competiton with a cash prize and coaching from TechForGood and Shapers from Tel Aviv.

Julien is interested in leveraging tech to help people, and understanding how people think to foster creativity, collaborative thinking and AI.

Julien holds a PhD in Computer Vision from ETH Zurich (2014) and an MSc in Advanced Computing from Imperial College (2009)