Luisa Meneghetti

Alumni, Geneva Hub, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)

Luisa is a certified WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM consultant. She is energized by connecting the right talent to the right professional opportunity, and by using her unique skill set to further improve the workplace. Currently, she is seeking opportunities to help growing companies build excellent talent networks for their business, recruit top-notch employees, and develop strategic talent projects aligned with the company values and needs. Specific fields of interest include: talent acquisition strategy, people analytics, sourcing, culture of the workplace and risk management.

Previously, she has been analyzing global humanitarian data on human displacement caused by conflict, disasters and climate change. She worked for key organisations in the human rights' sector such as Human Rights Watch and OHCHR, and organized the first humanitarian hackathon with THE Port association at CERN. Luisa is also the designer of the winning product of the Giant Leap into the Future competition aimed at using space-related technology in daily lives, organized by EPFL Innovation Park and Swiss Space Center.

She is also a member of the Global Shapers Geneva Hub, a contributor to the Agenda of the World Economic Forum, and served as member of the Advisory Council of the Global Shapers Community.

Speaker at several international events, including the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian (China) and the Women Power Summit in Manama (Bahrain), Luisa enjoys sharing the latest achievements of the sector with both specialized and general audiences.

Find more about her work at:

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