Martin Reeves

Senior Partner & Managing Director, BCG Henderson Institute

Senior Partner and Managing Director in BCG's New York office and lead the Henderson Institute, BCG’s vehicle for research and translation of ideas from beyond the world of business, into impactful frameworks and tools for strategy. 

I am one of the authors of the forthcoming book "Your Strategy Needs a Strategy" (Harvard Business Review Press, June 2015), which offers the strategy palette as a tool to enable business leaders to tune their approach to strategy to their strategic environment – an increasingly challenging task as large corporations find themselves stretched across an increasing diversity of environments which change faster and less predictably. Other recent research and practical themes include self-tuning organizations, corporate durability, commoditization, strategy and sustainability, new bases of competitive advantage, the economics of trust and sustainability, adaptive strategy, business model innovation, as well as managerial heuristics.I joined BCG in London in 1989 and later moved to Tokyo, where I led the Japan health care practice for eight years and was responsible for BCG’s business with global clients. I have since led strategy and organizational assignments both for individual companies and industry associations across the globe.