Mashal Yousaf

Manager, Research Policy and Donor Management, Parwaaz Country Manager, Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF)

Mashal has 8 years of professional experience in the field of academics and research before joining PSDF in 2016. Her achievements include leading and managing strategic research projects and stakeholder management especially with international donors such as Department for International Development (DFID) and The World Bank. She has demonstrated experience of content generation, report writing, data analysis, designing surveys, research concept papers, methodologies and tools.

Mashal is passionate about Gender issues with a keen interest in women’s economic empowerment and labour force participation. She has built her expertise in the subject through in-depth research, data analysis and developing evidence-based program design for gender-sensitive projects. As a Gender representative, Mashal has participated in both international and national conferences on the subject.
She manages PSDF’s partnership with the World Economic Forum for its National Accelerator on “Closing the Skills Gap” in Pakistan. The initiative focuses on the impact of technology and automation on the current workforce and the readiness of the future workforce of Pakistan to join the dynamic and fast evolving national and international labor markets.

She has previously served as a senior teaching fellow at the Lahore School of Economics to pursue her passion for teaching and research. Her career in academics was a great bridge to transition into the development sector and do impactful work in youth skills, employability and livelihoods.

She has a Master degree in Business Administration and a BSc Honor’s in Economics and Finance. To follow her uniquely different interest in art and design, she studied Interior Architecture at the Chelsea College of Arts and Design, University of Arts London and The Design School, in London, UK.