Naeem Dalal

Alumni, Global Shapers Community,

Zambian Medical Doctor. Youth Mental Health Expert, Psychiatry registrar at University Teaching Hospitals. Interests: exploring issues beyond the boundaries of conventional healthcare. Focuses on preventive health. Uses journalism and community outreach to teach the art of not needing medicine. Mentor; delivers leadership talks; promotes psychological resilience among youth. Fosters the art of emotional intelligence through workshops and trainer of trainers among youth to create resilient psychological blueprints for youth in today's society. Featured on national TV and media programmes to advocate and empower individuals to solve their own challenges through the art of storytelling and human capital. Founder of mental health community project Ganizo in Zambia, which is redefining preventive and mental health disorders using current trends in neuroscience and fostering emotional intelligence among youth in communities using culture appropriate dialogue. Lectures students in Lusaka. Fellow: International Brain Research Organization. Mentorship Director: Young Emerging Scientists in Zambia, which fosters research skills in youth. Public Health Chairperson: Zambia Medical Association. Global Shaper: World Economic Forum, aiming to represent Zambia and change the perspective of mental and preventive health from awareness to acceptance. Currently focusing on promoting the Sustainable Development Goals as each goal, if not attained, is a risk to an individual's mental strength and well-being. Pioneer shaper in structuring Shapers for Mental Health initiative.

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