Niall Dunne

Chief Executive Officer, Polymateria Limited

Works with BT’s Chief Executive, Chairman and executive management team to bring the company’s purpose, to use the power of communications to make a better world, to life. Advocate of technology’s ability to create new systems for growth which can sustain and empower our world. Speaks regularly on the critical need for more purposeful business leadership and how this is reflected in BT’s own corporate strategy. Former Vice-Chair, Global Agenda Council on Sustainable Consumption, current Member, Global Agenda Council on Climate Change, and Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum. Non-Executive Director, Collectively, the new digital media platform created to inspire and empower people to live more sustainable lives. A collaboration of more than 30 global businesses and international NGOs, Collectively delivers compelling content with authentic calls to action to mobilize the power of millennials, the largest generation on Earth.

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Inclusive Growth Framework


全世界各个行业都在经历新技术的挑战与重构。我们今天所拥有的一切(新的商业模式,通信方式和工作方式),已远超过去人们想象力的边界。技术变革的步伐将第四次工业革命带到了人们面前。 计算机和智能设备的处理能力越来越强,网速也逐年提升(网速每年同比提升23%,价格却在下降)。自1980年1月以来,个人计算机的价格已经下降了99.9%,而计算机软件的价格仅相当于1980年时候的0...

10 Apr 2017