Øyvind Eriksen

President and Chief Executive Officer, Aker

Joined Aker as CEO in January 2009. Holds a law degree from the University of Oslo. Joined Norwegian law firm BA-HR in 1990; became a partner in 1996 and Director and Chairman in 2003. As a corporate attorney, among other things worked with strategic and operational development, M&A, corporate restructurings and negotiations. Held the position as Aker Solutions Executive Chairman 2010-2014 and several board positions in different industries, including renewables, green tech, industrial software, oil and gas, shipping, finance, asset management, offshore drilling, fisheries, media, trade and industry. Aker ASA is an industrial investment company with a portfolio of industrial businesses in industries like industrial software, renewable energies, green technologies, marine biotech and oil and gas. Currently Chairman of the Board in Aker BP, Cognite, Aker Capital, Aker Horizons, Aker Property Group, C4IR Ocean and REV Ocean. Also a Director of several companies, including Aker Solutions, Aker BioMarine, Aker Energy, Aker Carbon Capture, Mainstream Renewable Power, Aker Clean Hydrogen, Aker Offshore Wind, The Resource Group TRG, TRG Holding and The Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen).

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