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Renat Heuberger

Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chairman, South Pole Group

Renat Heuberger co-founded South Pole with four friends. As the Chief Executive Officer of the company, he has overseen its growth to more than 250 experts and 15 locations worldwide, including various M&A transactions. Private sector solutions to sustainability issues have always been at the centre of Renat's professional life. During several years in Jakarta, Indonesia, he learned the importance of socially and environmentally sustainable development, and its necessity for the peaceful coexistence of future generations. After graduating in environmental sciences, he co-founded myclimate, which allowed private citizens to offset their own CO2 emissions. South Pole now scales the concept of myclimate by focusing on solutions for states and large companies. To date, South Pole has supported over 500 projects around the world, in the field of renewable energy, waste treatment, household biogas, clean cookstoves, water purification, afforestation and forest conservation.

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