Sampson Kofi Adotey

Community Champion, Accra Hub, Next Einstein Forum

Sampson Kofi Adotey is a creative misfit passionate about reskilling today's youth for the future. He is the Vice President of Growth at the African Centre for Technical Training. Sampson is also the Community Champion for Ghana, Liberia, and the Gambia, where he will support and collaborate with the hubs in this region to scale their impact and shape their communities through social impact initiatives.

As a Bertha Scholar at the University of Cape Town, he is researching Inclusive Education and 4iR in sub-Sahara Africa. He is an alumnus of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award for Young People and Ghana's Head of State Award Scheme, where he received both the Bronze and Silver Awards.

In the past five years, Sampson has dedicated his life to empowering young Africans to be creative leaders in science and technology at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences as the Senior Outreach Manager.

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