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Sudip Singh

Global Head, Engineering Services, Infosys Limited

Degree in Chemical Engineering, IIT-BHU, Varanasi, India; degree in Business Management, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, India. With Infosys: has held a number of leadership roles across the company in multiple geographies; led the engineering sales group in Continental Europe; played a significant role in the Aerospace and Defense portfolio in the US; led the telecom and media segment in North America for Infosys BPO; led sales for the Infosys manufacturing group in the Americas; currently, Global Head, Engineering Services, Infosys, providing solutions to support clients across the product lifecycle of their offerings, from product ideation and creation to sustenance and end-of-life management; heads a large and diverse talent pool of engineering professionals across industries and centres of excellence; responsible for all aspects of the engineering services business, including setting strategic direction, driving financial and operational excellence, and providing overall leadership. Has been quoted in international business and trade publications including BBC, Economic Times, Dataquest, Times of India, Express computing, CXO Today, Communications Today, IoT Australia, Enterprise Tech.