Tatiana Reuil

Global Shaper, Buenos Aires Hub

Tatiana Reuil is a social scientist and science communicator who has deep knowledge in intercultural challenges and global issues. She believes that the main problem of the world is not talking about all its issues. Her professional and personal purposes are providing access to information and critical thinking as the key tools to achieve diversity, inclusion, equality and freedom.
She founded her own independent online brand and community where she invites people to think outside the box around topics such as cultural diversity, identities, global issues and inclusion. Her project had such a great impact on the audience that many students and teachers replicated the content and ideas at schools and universities, family members at home and workers at their workplace. She argues that, in order to build Diversity and Inclusion Strategies, education and public opinion are the most important areas to work on.
More information: www.tatianareuil.com

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