Thorkil Sonne

Founder and Chairman, Specialisterne Foundation

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals is always on top of my mind. My work as chairman of Denmark's Council for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals has given me and the council members a platform to contribute to the leaps needed in social, environmental and financial sustainability in Denmark and globally.
My drive for social change is a trust in people who are detached from today's labour market, such as autistic people and people with similar challenges.
I became a social entrepreneur after learning that my youngest son is autistic as as such subject to be constantly misunderstood, isolated, and never have a normal working life. In 2004 I founded Specialisterne (The Specialist) as a platform, where autistic people can excel and add value to businesses in meaningful and productive jobs. In 2008 I founded Specialisterne Foundation with the goal to generate one million jobs. So far I estimate that 10000 jobs have been created in the Specialisterne network in 13 countries or by followers who have started similar concepts.

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