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Yasmina Filali

Founder and President, Fondation Orient Occident

Yasmina Filali is the Founder and President of the Fondation Orient Occident, NGO that from the 1994 is committed to the social and cultural connection of the western and eastern realities; the FOO is mainly oriented towards the integration of migrants and refugees within Moroccan society by providing job training, social and psychological support. Moreover, the Foundation also provides intercultural activities, workshops and skills, highlighting diversity and identity markers. It currently has a partnership with the UNHCR. The Foundation Orient Occident has already extended this model to France, and it is nowadays working to expenand its experise in Italy. Yasmina Filali was named the Social Entrepreneur by the Schwab Foundation for the year 2016; she is currently member of the Global Future Council on Migration (Dubai). As witness to its work, the Foundation received the "Prix des Droits de l'Homme de la République Francaise" in 2008.