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Yoshiaki Fujimori

President and CEO, LIXIL Group Corporation

Mr. Yoshiaki Fujimori has served as Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO of LIXIL Group Corporation since August 2011. He also served as Chairman and CEO of LIXIL Corporation until March 2016, after serving as President and CEO of the Company between August 2011 and December 2016. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Fujimori worked for 25 years at General Electric Company (GE), where he was Senior Vice President and a member of the Corporate Executive Council. He served as President and CEO of various business divisions including GE Medical Systems Asia, GE Plastics, and GE Capital Asia, and as Chairman of GE Japan. Prior to joining GE, he worked for Nissho Iwai Corporation (now Sojitz Corporation) for 10 years. He has been Director of Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated, since 2012.