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The complexity of today’s world calls for new ways of working together to tackle global challenges. Driving progress towards meeting the SDGs and tackling climate change aren’t easy tasks, but no global challenge is too daunting to address as long as we work together. We want your ideas on the 5 key questions below. Together, we can build a #sustainableworld.

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What’s the biggest thing we should change in the way we live to create a #sustainableworld?
We’re all responsible for the planet – and we are constantly reminded of the substantial risks we face in the forms of climate change, deforestation, reduction in animal diversity, overfishing, industrial agriculture, and more. But how can we encourage and create positive behaviours that benefit the planet as well as ourselves?
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What action should governments take to create a #sustainableworld?
The hurdles we face in creating a #sustainableworld are so big they will need many different stakeholders. One of the biggest stakeholders is global governments, who have both the power and resources at their disposal to create lasting change. But how and where should these resources be focussed to create a #sustainableworld?
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How should business change to create a #sustainableworld?
Societal trust is key to business success, and more businesses are realizing they have the ability to create enormous positive change. Many businesses are looking at more sustainable energy and manufacturing processes, but what other changes can businesses champion to help create a #sustainableworld?
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How can we work together to create a #sustainableworld?
Collaboration has been key to doubling global GDP since 1990, but our future is no longer only about physical trade. How can we encourage nations, and people, to cooperate more effectively to enable more inclusive, sustainable societies?
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What is the technology that can most help us achieve a #sustainableworld?
Are we mastering technology, or is it mastering us? As the lines between privacy, identity, and security become increasingly blurred online, how do we make sure that the benefits of future technologies will benefit us all in building a #sustainableworld?
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The answers to challenges we face don’t just lie with governments and businesses. They should come from you.

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