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Autonomous and Urban Mobility

As the world continues to urbanize, public- and private- sector leaders are developing new mobility solutions. In particular, autonomous vehicles have the potential to improve road safety, decrease pollution levels, reduce congestion and transform the design of our cities. For consumers, autonomous vehicles can reduce waiting times, increase productivity and save costs, particularly when the vehicles are shared with others. However, transitioning to autonomous vehicles involved a disruptive shift that is bound to reshape public and private transportation systems, leaving many players behind if they fail to keep pace with emerging technologies. Collaboration among business and government leaders is needed to jointly identify the best strategies to accelerating the adoption of autonomous mobility in safe, clean and inclusive manner.

The Future of Autonomous and Urban Mobility project seeks to advance leading-edge thinking and drive adoption of innovative solutions based on autonomous behicles and their impact on urban mobility. It provides a platform for city and business leaders to work together to understand and pilot autonomous and shared vehicle fleets. In doing so, it generates key insights, policy frameworks and governance protocols, which can be scaled-up globally to transform urban mobility.