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Automotive and Autonomous Mobility

Automotive and Autonomous Mobility

Automotive and Autonomous Mobility Portfolio


The Automotive and Autonomous Mobility (AAM) portfolio of projects seeks to advance safe, clean, and inclusive movement of goods and people through the adoption of innovative solutions in the automotive industry and in AV technology. It provides a platform for government, civil society, academia and business leaders to work together to understand, co-design and pilot policies to positively impact the automotive industry, autonomous technologies, and the future of mobility. AAM generates key insights and innovative policy frameworks, which can be scaled globally to transform mobility and improve peoples’ lives. It also cultivates and curates global multi-stakeholder communities to drive progress. The AAM portfolio works with partners to define global projects that have tangible impact. AAM projects include:



Data for AV Safety

Establish a consensus on data sharing from AV development for the purpose of sharing best practice among industry, maximising public safety and generating insights & performance-based regulatory tools for policymakers.



Global New Mobility Coalition

Promoting and piloting a framework for shared, electric and automated mobility (SEAM) that governments can use to reduce environmental pollution and global warming.


Preparing for AVs: Cities and Nations

Design policy frameworks for sustainable AV rollout for cities and nations. Creating prototypes based on iterations and key learnings from pilots.


SIMSystem: Activating Seamless Integrated Mobility

Fostering economic development and inclusivity within urban areas by building seamless integrated mobility (SIM) systems that grant all citizens equal access to goods, services and economic opportunities


Rural Mobility

Exploring ways in which innovations in mobility, such as autonomous vehicles and mobility-as-a-service platforms (i.e. on-demand services that include various modes of transport), can address transit deserts (i.e. areas with insufficient transportation services). Creation of transit sustainability index to predict emerging transit deserts.

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