Annual Meeting of the New Champions

1—3 July 2019 Dalian, People's Republic of China

Globalization 4.0 represents fundamental changes in the global economy that are reshaping companies, communities and
countries at an unprecedented speed and scale. These changes are driven by environmental challenges, regional
competition, economic disparities and technological disruption. They, in turn, require different forms of leadership and
collaboration adapted to this new era of globalization.

Platform strategies and systems leadership are key business concepts behind the sweeping technological changes
propelling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Leadership 4.0 requires an understanding of how new champions that are
gaining economic influence are disrupting and transforming current industry models.

The World Economic Forum engages leaders who have the vision and values to shape the future in this new context.
To this end, the Annual Meeting of the New Champions is designed as the foremost global summit on innovation and
entrepreneurship with more than with more than 1,500 participants, 100 working sessions and community activities, along with the opportunity to engage in several new Forum initiatives.

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