Industry Strategy Meeting

25—26 March 2020 Geneva, Switzerland

The Era of Stakeholder Capitalism

The business models of the last century have brought unparalleled growth and raised the standard of living for many worldwide, yet limitations are increasingly visible. Companies need to respond to market disruption and a rapidly evolving competitive landscape, all while putting societal responsibilities at the heart of its strategic direction for the future. Stakeholder Capitalism recognizes that corporations focused on long-term value creation can rise to this challenge, providing both sustainable financial returns and societal benefits.

The World Economic Forum's Industry Strategy Meeting convenes the community of Industry Strategy Officers, a group of senior executives exclusively chosen by their companies to contribute to shaping the industry and global agenda. The meeting aims to explore how industries can shift from managing disruption to pioneering new models of stakeholder capitalism, identifying critical interfaces where sectors can work together for economic and societal benefits.

Some 300 attendees will convene in Geneva, Switzerland at the Forum’s Headquarters for a programme designed to shape the industry agenda, generate new insights on industry transformation, focus on impact-oriented outcomes tied to relevant World Economic Forum Platform Initiatives, and share peer-to-peer experiences in creating long-term value in The Era of Stakeholder Capitalism

In this regard, six imperatives will shape the industry agenda:

Economic Imperative: How can we build better business models that provide profitable, sustainable and long-term solutions?

Ecological Imperative: How can industries and markets adapt to ensure long-term viability and sustainability?

Industry Imperative: What are the future business models that will create, distribute and capture sustainable value?

Geopolitical Imperative: How can leaders build resilience in their business through times of geopolitical disruption?

Societal Imperative: How can we anticipate business’ affect on society in the construction of our future business models?

Technological Imperative: How do we leverage technology and new digital infrastructure to rethink business operations and business value propositions?

The Industry Strategy Meeting 2020 is reserved for members of the Forum's Strategy Officers Community and special guests.