Virtual Industry Strategy Meeting

25—26 March 2020 Cologny, Switzerland

Stakeholder Capitalism in Disruptive Times

March 25, 09.30 CET – 20.00 CET*

March 26, 12.00 CET – 17.15 CET

*The digital programme will convene participants across multiple time zones. Participants will not be required to be connected for the full duration of these time slots.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused major disruptions to demand and supply around the world. In this context, a strong case can be made that the most resilient companies – which will recover faster and emerge stronger – will be those that have the trust of their key stakeholders and are committed to sustainable solutions for the long run. Stakeholder capitalism recognizes the role of business as a key to responding successfully to these disruptions and to identifying opportunities to provide profitable, sustainable and long-term solutions. How do we operate to address immediate disruptions like the coronavirus outbreak while, in parallel, remaining focused on the longer term, systemic transitions taking place in industry?

The World Economic Forum’s Industry Strategy Officers community is a group of senior executives chosen by their companies to contribute to shaping industry and global agendas. Some 250 industry strategy officers will convene virtually on the Forum’s digital platform under the theme, Stakeholder Capitalism in Disruptive Times.

The programme is designed to be timely and relevant, providing highly useful content on the current state of industry and the global implications of the coronavirus outbreak. Digital sessions will allow participants to jointly explore how industries can shift from managing disruption to pioneering new stakeholder capitalism models, and identify critical interfaces where sectors can work together for economic and societal benefit.

In this regard, six imperatives will shape the industry agenda:

Economic Imperative: How can we build better business models that provide profitable, sustainable and long-term solutions?

Ecological Imperative: How can industries and markets adapt to ensure long-term viability and sustainability?

Industry Imperative: What are the future business models that will create, distribute and capture sustainable value?

Geopolitical Imperative: How can leaders build resilience in their business in times of geopolitical disruption?

Societal Imperative: How can business prepare for and respond to the impact of climate and health risks on society?

Technological Imperative: How do we leverage technology and new digital infrastructure to rethink business operations and business value propositions in a time of risking risks?

The virtual Industry Strategy Meeting 2020 is reserved for members of the Forum’s Strategy Officers Community and special guests.

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