Pioneers of Change Summit

16–20 November 2020

Faced with the consequences of the global pandemic, we have a rare, but narrow, window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world. From reimagining cities for greater resilience and sustainability to preparing organizations for new digital business models, innovators across sectors are demonstrating to the world that there are successful alternatives. They are pioneering the changes we need to scale up and adopt across industries and markets if we want to transform our world for the better.

The World Economic Forum’s inaugural Pioneers of Change Summit will convene innovative leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to showcase their solutions, build meaningful connections and inspire change across the Forum’s diverse multistakeholder communities.

What to expect?

- A summit co-designed and led by the World Economic Forum’s communities of action (including New Champions, Global Innovators and Social Innovators)

- A programme defined by diversity, interaction and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by businesses during a global pandemic

- An opportunity to share and develop mechanisms for driving a Great Reset across industries and regions

- A space to cultivate cross-community engagement on ideas and actions that will shape our collective future

How to participate?

- As a company, you can participate in the summit by becoming a member of our New Champions Community. Members of this community will be featured prominently in the programme and will have access to all cross-community networking opportunities, as well as annual engagement with the World Economic Forum’s global network of experts, innovators and business leaders. (If you are already a member of the World Economic Forum, you can register for the summit on TopLink.)

- As an individual, you can participate in the summit by becoming a World Economic Forum Digital Member, which will provide access to select parts of the programme.

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