Summit on the Global Agenda

25—27 October 2015 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Summit on the Global Agenda, established as a unique partnership between the World Economic Forum and the United Arab Emirates since 2008, is the annual gathering of the Network of Global Agenda Councils. It brings together over 1,000 thought leaders and influencers to assess critical global, regional and industry challenges.

In light of the World Economic Forum’s new status as an international institution for public-private cooperation, the Summit will serve as a global brainstorming for innovative ideas to unlock some of the world’s most protracted global challenges. It also marks the second meeting in the two-year term of Global Agenda Councils, providing an opportunity to showcase and contextualise the councils’ achievements since the beginning of the term.

By focusing on the unique breadth of knowledge and expertise represented within the Network of Global Agenda Councils and facilitating active collaboration and exchange between councils, the summit emphasizes the need for networked solutions for an increasingly networked world.

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