World Economic Forum on Latin America

5—7 April 2017 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Latin American economies are adapting their monetary and fiscal strategies in the face of slower growth and budget cuts. The region is also experiencing historic political milestones, advancing structural reforms and opening for further integration. At the same time, inclusiveness and poverty reduction remain high on the agenda.

The region needs to consolidate its social accomplishments, further its economic resilience, sustainability and competitiveness, and improve its credibility as a leading business environment. In this context, the Fourth Industrial Revolution can be a critical driver for achieving the vision of an entrepreneurial, innovative and inclusive Latin America.

The region’s ongoing transformation is exemplified in this year’s host country. Argentina – a G20 economy with vast resources – is adopting a new economic framework, re-entering international credit markets and driving technological and digital transformation across sectors.

Participants at the World Economic Forum on Latin America will explore the challenges, risks and opportunities for Latin America in this transitional period. They will discuss the region’s political, economic and societal issues, including the transparency, agility and long-term stability needed to enhance credibility and improve the business environment. Conducted in a spirit of openness, this meeting will bring together global and regional leaders from business, government and civil society to share strategic insights on how to navigate the present and contribute to shaping Latin America’s inclusive future.

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