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The New Narratives Lab is a year-long fellowship dedicated to fostering a new and diverse generation of Cultural Leaders.​

Through one-to-one mentorship by experienced members of the World Economic Forum's network of Cultural Leaders, Fellows develop leadership skills to use the Forum's and other platforms to navigate circles of power in order to make their voices heard and bring about change.​

Why this Matters

All the intractable issues we face today, from inequality to climate change, have central cultural dimensions: they may be rooted in prejudice, entrenched beliefs, a collective failure of the imagination, or exclusionary narratives.​

​Narratives can lead a nation to war and keep communities in poverty, but they can also dismantle discrimination and energize movements for justice.​

Wanuri Kahiu, Film Director, AFROBUBBLEGUM, Kenya speaking during the Session

​As we reach the 10-year mark before the 2030 deadline for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the world needs new narratives. We need more artists as leaders who can shape new narratives, and we need more diverse leaders to better represent the world.​

​There is arguably no more influential leadership platform on the world stage than the World Economic Forum to generate new narratives, create coalitions and advance sustained change.​

The New Narratives Lab is directed by award-winning Australian artist Lynette Wallworth who has first-hand experience in leveraging the Forum's assets to create extraordinary social impact.​

Fellows and mentors are selected by the World Economic Forum in consultation with the Artistic Director.​

The New Narrative Lab receives major support from the Ford Foundation​.

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