Does Faith Need Religious Institution?

The interest of people in existential questions and ethical orientation is unchanging. But the connection to institutions, even to churches, is decreasing. Young people are especially turning to religious beliefs that lie outside traditional structures.

1. How can religious institutions meet the longing for meaning and ethical orientation?
2. What social and socio-political responsibilities do religious institutions have? How do they convert faith?
3. Does faith need collective expression?

President of the Council, Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches

Professor for Law and Religion, University of Lucerne, Switzerland

Senior Officer in Ministery of Justice, for Integration and Europe in Hessen

President of SP Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland

Professor, Department for Practical Theology and Religion Education, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Founder and Director, Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences, United Kingdom

Moderation:Urs Leuthard,

Schweizer Fernsehen

Impression 2011

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