Astana International Financial Centre Authority

The main objectives of Astana International Financial Centre(AIFC) Authority are 1. to develop the non-banking financial sector of Kazakhstan and provide a favorable environment for investments. 2. to become a financial Hub for CENTRAL ASIA, EURASIAN ECONOMIC UNION, THE CAUCASUS, WEST CHINA, MONGOLIA, AND EASTERN EUROPE. AIFC focuses on enhancing growth through its main strategic pillars such as capital markets, asset management, financial technology, Islamic finance and private banking, while paying a great deal of attention to green finance. AIFC has been designated to boost investment and manage the government funds. Kazakhstan has accumulated $112.4 billion in government funds and is currently reviewing its investment strategy. Pension Fund $ 23,4 bln. FX Reserves $ 30,7 bln. National Oil Fund $ 58,3 bln AIFC is working towards developing Kazakhstan as a fintech Hub by launching Astana Stock Exchange(AIX), privatize their industries and develop green finance to orient its financial system towards low-carbon and sustainable development.