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MFG Works invests in upskilling with the Ready Academy

Robotic automation needs people.

There is a skilled labour shortage and knowledge gap which are preventing the broader adoption of robotic automation. Designed for manufacturing professionals, the Ready Academy will provide training in the skills that will take manufacturing into the future. And MFG Works says anyone can learn them.

HP says 3D printing is a game-changer

COVID-19 has shown that when traditional supply chains fail, workforces are displaced, economies head towards recession, and the sustainability of ecosystems and communities is threatened, digital manufacturing works.

A volunteer examines face shields, components of which were manufactured on a 3D printer at the laboratory of the Agrarian University in Stavropol, Russia April 17, 2020. Volunteers across the country use 3D printing to make components of the protective face shields, masks and ventilators to be used by medical professionals in the fight against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). REUTERS/Eduard Korniyenko - RC2J6G9IWIDH
3D printed faceshields
Image: REUTERS/Eduard Korniyenko

3D printing has provided a quick solution for manufacturing disruptions, producing personal protective equipment (PPE) near the hospitals that needed it, creating strong competitive advantages for businesses of all sizes, and through the sharing of open-source design files, forging deeper levels of collaboration.

Read about the latest manufacturing trends in HP's new report.

Maersk's shipping forecast

The shipping industry carries 90% of all traded goods. It operates on narrow margins and most predictions say trade volume will decline – as after the 2008 financial crisis. Yet some of the figures emerging say otherwise.

The Danish group, Maersk, said its earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortisation, and restructuring and integration costs will be $2.4bn Q3. This is up from $1.7bn both in the same period a year earlier and in the second quarter of this year.

Image: Cameron Venti on Unsplash

Søren Skou, CEO of A.P. Moller - Maersk says, "Volumes have rebounded faster than expected, our cost have remained well under control, freight rates have increased due to strong demand and we are growing earnings rapidly in Logistics & Services."

But he warns, "The outlook for 2021 remains uncertain due to the ongoing pandemic. The positive impact from stimulus packages may be less strong in 2021, potential new lock downs will impact demand and the timing and effectiveness of a potential vaccine will impact 2021.”

Standard Chartered: India's trade opportunity

Standard Chartered has launched its Trade Opportunity Report 2020.

Businesses could increase exports to India by more than $21 billion annually, the report has revealed. The study, which included 10 of India’s key trading partners, also found that Indian exporters could boost exports to these 10 markets by an estimated $17 billion, bringing the total bilateral trade opportunity to $38 billion.

As economies and businesses look to recover from the impact of COVID-19, the study highlights the markets and sectors with new opportunities to grow trade.

Image: Standard Chartered

India is the world’s fifth-largest economy, and one of the fastest-growing in the world. Its next challenge is to take its place as one of the globe’s most important trading nations. The size of the Indian market, and its increasingly critical role in global supply chains, mean India and its trading partners have much to gain.