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SAP and Accenture launch Sustainable Future accelerator programme

SAP and Accenture have kicked off a global sustainability-focused accelerator programme to enable startups across multiple industries to address sustainability challenges and create a positive impact on both industry and society

"To address global challenges such as climate change, businesses must partner on all levels and across organizations, industries and regions."

—Daniel Schmid, Chief Sustainability Officer, SAP

Sustainable Future is a programme that seeks to propel digital transformation and corporate-startup innovation in four target areas including carbon tracking and trading, resource efficiency, climate risk tracking and mitigation, and circular economy.

"We are helping startups bring innovation to life with solutions and services that allow companies to raise the bar by integrating sustainability into their core processes, strategies and operating models."

—Caspar Borggreve, Global Lead, Accenture SAP Business Group

Forum partners on the Global Gender Gap report 2021

Watch the media briefing here.

50% of countries feel the gender pay gap is a real problem, but we still have a sizeable minority who believe it doesn't exist.

—Natalie Lacey, Ipsos

Read more from LinkedIn, Ipsos and Glassdoor-Gapsquare on the gender gap.

There's not enough progress in high-growth roles like cloud computing, data. Those are the jobs of tomorrow and we need women in those roles.

—Sue Duke, LinkedIn

Brick-by-Brick: LEGO joins learning programme for autistic children

The LEGO Foundation is partnering with Play Included, a UK-based social enterprise, to strengthen the Brick-by-Brick programme, an initiative that aims to boost the emotional wellbeing of autistic and neuro-divergent children.

The Brick-by-Brick programme brings children together through a shared interest in LEGO play in group settings that children call Brick Club. At Brick Club, they work together to build specific LEGO models or design and build their own freestyle LEGO creations in small teams.

By building and playing together the children collaborate, communicate, negotiate and problem-solve, developing friendships and creating social opportunities along the way in a safe and fun environment, guided by highly trained adults.

"We have great ambitions for this concept to secure more inclusive, playful, learning opportunities and we can’t wait to see the programme brought to more children all over the world."

—Michelle Ndebele, Play and Health Specialist, LEGO Foundation

Read more here

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