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Akihiko Tanaka

Professor of International Politics and Vice-President, The University of Tokyo

1977, BA in International Relations, University of Tokyo; 1981, PhD in Political Science, MIT. 1981-83, Researcher, Research Institute for Peace and Security. 1982-86, Visiting Lecturer, Sophia University. With University of Tokyo: 1983-84, Research Associate and 1984-90, Associate Professor, Department of Social and International Relations. 1986-87, Visiting Professor, Rhur-Universitaet Bochum. Since 1987, Research Associate, Research Institute for Peace and Security. 1990-98, Associate Professor, Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo; 1994-95, Senior Associate Member, St Antony's College, Oxford. With University of Tokyo: since 1998, Professor; 2002-06, Director, Institute of Oriental Culture (renamed Institute of Advanced Studies on Asia in 2010); 2008-10, Director, Division for International Relations; 2009-11, Executive Vice-President; 2011-12, Vice-President. Since 2012, President, Japan International Cooperation Agency. Expertise: theories of international systems, contemporary international relations in East Asia, Japan-US relations, Japan-China relations.