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Akira Amari

Member of the House of Representatives, House of Representatives of Japan

1972, degree in Law, major in Politics, Department of Law, Keio University. 1974, Secretary to Tadashi Amari, Member, House of Representatives; 1983, Member, House of Representatives (HR), elected ten times; 1989, Parliamentary Vice-Minister, International Trade and Industry; 1993, Director, International Trade and Industry Division, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP); 1995, Chairman, Committee on Commerce and Industry, HR; 1998, Minister of Labour; 2000, Chairman, Finance Committee, LDP; 2000, Chairman, Research Commission on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, LDP; 2004, Chairman, Committee on Budget, HR; 2005, Acting Chairman, Policy Research Council, LDP; 2006, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry; 2008, Minister for Regulatory Reform; 2012, Chairman, Policy Research Council (LDP). Currently, Minister for Economic Revitalization and Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy, and TPP Minister.