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Aldo Flores-Quiroga

Secretary-General, International Energy Forum (IEF)

1989, degree in Economics, Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Mexico; 1996, PhD in Political Science-International Political Economy, with majors in formal theory and international political economy, University of California, Los Angeles. 1996-2001, Assistant Professor, School of Politics and Economics, Claremont Graduate University, California, teaching international political economy, economics, public policy, and economic development. 2001-05, Assistant Secretary for Bilateral Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 2005-06, independent consultant on trade and industrial policy to the Food and Agriculture Organization and the governments of Mexico and the Dominican Republic; 2007-11, Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, Ministry of Energy. Since January 2012, Secretary-General, International Energy Forum (IEF). Has published in English and Spanish on Mexican trade and exchange rate policy.