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Cao Xuetao

President, Nankai University

1990, PhD, Second Military Medical University (SMMU) Shanghai, China. 1992, Professor in Immunology and 2001, Director of the Institute of Immunology, SMMU. Since 2006, Professor and Director, China National Key Laboratory of Medical Immunology; since 2011, President, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering. President, FIMSA (Federation of Immunological Societies in Asia and Oceania); President, Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases. Editor-in-Chief, Cellular and Molecular Immunology; Associate Editor, Gene Therapy, Journal of Molecular Medicine; Member, Editorial Board, Cell, Annual Reviews of Immunology, Science Translational Medicine, eLife, etc. As Corresponding Author, published 220 original papers in peer-reviewed journals, including Cell, Science, Nat Immunol, Cancer Cell, Immunity, J Exp Med, Nat Commun, PNAS, Blood, Hepatology, J Biol Chem, J Immunol, Cancer Res.