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Charles Collyns

Managing Director and Chief Economist, Institute of International Finance (IIF)

Degree (Hons), Cambridge University; Doctorate in Economics, Oxford University. Former positions with the International Monetary Fund, including: 1997-2001, responsible for work on Japan; 2001-03, responsible for work on the United States; 2004-06, responsible for work on Brazil; from 2006, Deputy Director, Research Department, leading the team responsible for preparing the World Economic Outlook report. Currently, Assistant Secretary for International Finance, US Department of the Treasury, responsible for leading work on international monetary policy, international financial institutions, coordination with the G-7/G-8 and G-20, and regional and bilateral economic issues. Author of a number of publications on international macro-economics, including: World Economic Outlook (IMF). Co-Author: Post Bubble Blues - How Japan Responded to Asset Price Collapse; Managing Financial Crises - Recent Experience and Lessons for Latin America; Stabilization and Reform in Latin America - A Macroeconomic Perspective on the Experience since the early 1990s.