Cheri McGuire

Group Chief Information Security Officer, Standard Chartered Bank

Chief Information Security Officer at Standard Chartered Bank where she oversees information and cybersecurity strategy and risk management, governance, policy, third party security risk, awareness and partnerships. Previously served as VP of Global Govt. Affairs and Cyber Policy at Symantec, and held senior roles at Microsoft, US Department of Homeland Security Cyber Division/US-CERT, Booz Allen Hamilton, and US Congress. Sits on the boards of The George Washington University Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, and the Cyber Defense Alliance. From 2010-12, served as Chair of US IT Sector Coordinating Council. Holds MBA from George Washington University and BA from University of California at Riverside. Expertise in cyber risk management, data integrity, critical infrastructure protection and resilience, information sharing, and incident response. Frequent presenter at international cyber conferences, and has testified numerous times before the US Congress.