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Christa Markwalder

Vice-President, Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Switzerland

Degrees in Law and General Ecology, University of Berne, Switzerland, and Nijmegen University, Netherlands. Started political career as a Member of the Municipal Council of Burgdorf, Switzerland, and the Parliament of the Canton of Berne. 2003, elected Member of the National Council, the House of Representatives in the Swiss Parliament, for the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP.Die Liberalen); 2007 and 2011, re-elected.; currently serves on the National Council's Foreign Affairs Committee (Chair in 2010 and 2011), and on the Committee for Legal Affairs and on the Federal Assembly's Committee on Pardons. President, Parliamentary Association Switzerland-USA; co-chairs various parliamentary groups on renewable energy, ecologically sustainable economies, relations with Eastern Europe and promotion of voluntary work. Since 2008, Head of Government and Industry Affairs, Switzerland, Zurich Insurance Group.