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Connyoung Jennifer Moon

Chief Anchor and Editor-in-Chief, Arirang TV & Radio

BA (Hons) in International Politics, University of Toronto; Master's in Business and Economics Journalism, Columbia University, New York. Formerly: with Seoul Broadcasting System; with United Nations Industrial Development Organization. With Arirang TV: has held various positions including Chief Correspondent and Main Anchor, "Business Today", flagship morning show "Arirang Today"; Lead Anchor G20 Seoul Summit 2010; Nuclear Security Summit 2012, Int'l Olympic Committee conference; global news coverage from Durban, Abu Dhabi, New York, Los Angeles, Adelaide, Manila, Shanghai, Geneva, Berlin, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, Jakarta; currently, Lead Solo Anchor, "Newscenter" prime time news; Editor-in-Chief, Arirang TV. Interviewed world leaders in politics, business, culture. Recipient of global journalism/film awards for special documentaries.