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Daniel Buriticá Córdoba

Co-Founder, REALHERO

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur. His purpose is to cultivate a new generation of transformative leaders. He is the Co founder of REALHERO a technology that let you track your social footprint and equip leaders with a new tool to measure their success. He also is the founder of the Colombian Network of Youth RECOJO the first network of young social entrepreneurs in Colombia and with which he has develop a unique model to empower young people to create social change. Along with his corporation, he created the leadership camp call BAKONGO. He has also created a crowdfunding platform, a teambuilding company and a legal firm. Semana magazine recognized him as one of the brightest minds in social innovation in Colombia. Also chosen as Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and Ashoka fellow. Currently, he is considered one of the youngest international speakers in his country. Daniel has taken his message to more than 36 different cities around the world. Nowadays he works to build peace in Colombia through his project “BAKONGO PEACE” that brings young leaders (direct or indirect victims of war) and former soldiers from illegally armed groups to help them overcome their pasts and reconcile. Together, they create a camp for the next generation of Colombians who have dreamed of living in peace: The children.