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Daniel Buriticá Córdoba

Founder and President, Colombian Network of Youth "RECOJO"

Founder and President, Colombian Network of Youth "RECOJO", the first network of young social entrepreneurs in Colombia; has developed a unique model to empower young people to create social change. Created the summer camp BAKONGO that integrated underprivileged children with young people from universities. Co-Founder, international Wake Up Call movement. Manager, law firm Francisco Buriticá Abogados Consultores. Chosen to represent the young volunteers of the world as board member of the International Association for Volunteer Efforts (IAVE). Ambassador of Colombia, ONE YOUNG WORLD. Selected by Shock Magazine as one of the 15 young visionaries leaders of Colombia. Recognized by Junior Chamber International as one of the ten outstanding young leaders for 2012. Considered one of the youngest international speakers in Colombia.