Deepa Narayan

Managing Director, E3 Global Advisory Services

PhD in Psychology and Anthropology. Over 25 years' experience with the World Bank, UN and NGOs. Former Senior Adviser, Vice-President's Office, Poverty Reduction Group, World Bank; lived in village communities in Africa, South and East Asia. Conducted two influential studies that resulted in key policy changes: The Voices of the Poor, which brought together the experiences of 60,000 poor women and men from 60 countries, and Moving Out of Poverty: Understanding Freedom, Democracy and Growth from the Bottom Up, aimed at understanding how some poor people actually moved out of poverty over a decade while others remained stuck. Serves on boards of NGOs and think tanks. Also conducts experiential workshops on gender issues. Currently writing a book on 1 000 interviews with women and men in India. Named one of the top 100 Disruptive Heroes, Hacking Work; top 100 Global Thinkers, Foreign Policy magazine (2011). Interests: reducing inequality, shared and sustainable living, stopping rape and v