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Eric Chen

Founder and Director, Vitargent

Mr. Eric Chen is the founder and director of Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Ltd. Established in 2011, Vitargent's vision is "Safer Products, Better World", it aims to be a world leading platform to provide innovative testing solutions to enhance the safety of everyday consumer products (e.g food, drink, cosmetics) and to protect the environment. The first successful innovation is patented transgenic fish that can light up in green florescence while detecting toxins. It can save up to 60% time and cost compared to the traditional testing method. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uORdliJKER0) It has been endorsed by the global cosmetics groups, F&B conglomerates and leading testing labs. With the firm support of these groups, the technology/protocol is being developed as regional and international standards. Vitargent is selected as one of six most successful high-tech companies in the last decade by HK government. He also serves as the strategic advisors of a number of international companies and VC Funds including iNetwork Ltd( Israel-Focused VC fund), Sanguine Biosciences Inc (an US Healthcare/IT company), and PurifyMe Co Ltd. (a local leading skincare company). He graduated from City University of Hong Kong and earned his Master of Economics at the University of Hong Kong. Mr. Chen is a HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards (Asian) winner, Awardee of the GRAND PRIX OF THE 43rd INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF INVENTIONS and a Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholar. Mr. Chen is an enthusiast in sports - he had played baseball for China and is now playing badminton for a leading club in China. Some of the Media Exposure: a. Green Glowing minnows turn product safety pawns in China (Bloomberg) http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-05-19/green-glowing-minnows-turn-product-safety-pawns-in-china b. Startups to Watch: Hong Kong(WSJ) http://graphics.wsj.com/gallery/hong-kong-startups c. Something fishy in our product testing(ChinaDaily) http://www.chinadailyasia.com/focus/2015-05/06/content_15259812_2.html d. Could tiny fish be the answer to China’s food safety woes? This Hong Kong start-up thinks so http://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/technology/innovation/article/1735913/could-tiny-fish-be-answer-chinas-food-safety-woes e. The Spirit of Hong Kong (SCMP) http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/education-community/article/1828945/hong-kong-based-entrepreneur-discovers-new-way f. ?????? - ???? - ????????????? http://www.ceo.gov.hk/chi/blog/blog20150419.html g. ?????????????????«???? »(???) http://paper.people.com.cn/rmrb/html/2015-04/20/nw.D110000renmrb_20150420_7-03.htm