Estanislau da C. Aleixo Maria Da Silva

Date of birth: 4 de Agosto de 1952 Place of birth: Bemori, Dili, Timor-Leste Civil Status: Married Address: Vila Verde, Dili, Timor-Leste Educational qualification: - Degree in Agronomy - Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo, Moçambique - Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultue Science (Thesis) – The University of Sydney, Australia. - Post Graduate Course in Management and Leadership (two years) – Asian Development Bank Institute. - Training in Agriculture Systems - International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid and Tropics (ICRISAT), Hydrabath, India. Professional Experiences - Minister of State, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries- VI Constitutional Government of RDTL (February 2015- July 2017) . Member of Parlament [FRETILIN] to The National Parliament of RDTL – 8 August 2007 till 16 February 2015  . Prime Minister and Minister of Defense - III Constitutional Government of RDTL, Timor-Leste (May - August 2007).  . First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Florestry and Fisheries – II Constitutional Government of RDTL, Timor-Leste (June 2006 –May 2007).  . Project Manager - Emergency Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project/Asian Development Bank (Jan 2000 – September 2001).  . Minister of Agriculture, Florestry and Fisheries – I Constitutional Government of RDTL, Timor-Leste (May 2002 – June 2006).  . Minister of Agriculture, Florestry and Fisheries – II Transitional Government, UNTAET, Timor-Leste (September 2001 – May 2002).  . Member Elected to the National Constitutive Assembly (September 2001).  . Member of the World Bank Joint Assessment Mission (on Agriculture) to East Timor October -November 1999  . Research Agronomist - New South Wales Department of Agriculture, NSW, Australia (1987-1990)  . High School Teacher – Escola Secundária da Amadora, Lisboa, Portugal (1985)  . Chief Agronomist – Marracuene State Agriculture Enterprise, Ministry of Agriculture, Mozambique (1983 and 1984) Political profile Estanislau Aleixo da Silva was born in Dili on 4 August 1952 to Luis Maria da Silva and Genoveva Soriano Aleixo da Silva Upon graduation from Díli Technical School, Mr Da Silva was awarded (1973) a scholarship for training and studying mechanical engineering in Lisbon, Portugal. Joined a student movement against colonialism and fascism in Lisbon, Portugal (1973) and as well as the ideals for an independent East Timor, together with Vicente Reis (Sahe), António Carvarino (Mau Lear) and Hamis Bassarewa (Hata). In 1974 Mr. Da Silva joined FRETILIN and become a member of Political Commission of the first FRETILIN Committee abroad (also known as Comité de Acção da FRETILIN) in Lisbon, Portugal. In 1976, Mr Da Silva was sent to Australia by the FRETILIN leadership to operate a radio connection to the FRETILIN leadership in East Timor. He spent several months in the Northern Territory, Australia to operate radio contact with the FRETILIN leadership in East Timor. The Australian government at that time was keen on maintaining good relations with Indonesia and therefore Mr Da Silva, Mr Andrew Waterhouse and Neville were forced to operate the radio from the bush in the Northern Territory. On September 1976 the radio link was stopped and Mr Da Silva was arrested and put temporarily in jail for two days. He was taken into Darwin Court and sentenced to two years good behaviour. When he was released he went to Mozambique. While in Mozambique Mr. Da Silva took also part in several activities, campaigning for the independence of Timor-Leste. In 1984 Mr Da Silva immigrated to Portugal and later to Australia in December 1985. In Australia, Mr Da Silva campaigned tirelessly for East Timor’s independence. This included speaking at public forums, organising demonstrations against the Indonesian occupation, organising fundraising activities and lobbying MPs. Mr Da Silva also maintained regular contact with the clandestine movement and the FRETILIN leadership in East Timor and assisted in helping persons in danger of persecution in East Timor to escape and settle in Australia. In 1988, Mr Da Silva was elected co-ordinator of FRETILIN Committee in Sydney, NSW Australia. In 1994 Mr. Da Silva was Appointed FRETILIN Representative in Australia. He was than elected member of the Central Committee in 1998 at FRETILIN National Conference in Sydney. Also in 1998 Mr. Da Silva was elected Member of the National Political Commission of CNRT at the National Convention of Timorese in Peniche, Portugal. When East Timor voted for independence in 1999, Mr Da Silva returned to East Timor in October 1999. Mr Da Silva was re-elected as a member of FRETILIN Central Committee in May 2001. In May 2006 he was again re-elected as a member of FRETILIN Central Committee and member of the National Political Commission of the Party. He was re-elected again in September 2011 as a member of FRETILIN Central Committee and member of the National Political Commission of the Party. Family Wife: Filomena de Almeida, Bachelor Degree in Biology (Universidade Eduardo Mondlane/Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa) Diploma in Applied Science (Sydney Institute of Technology) Son: - Sahe Loli de Almeida da Silva – Degree in Law and Business, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Daughter: - Nairana Akamoe de Almeida da Silva – Bachelor Degree in Health Science, The University of Sydney, Austrália Diploma in Tropical Nursing, London Institute of Tropical Nursing, London, UK Diploma in Health Promotion, Curtin University, Australia

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