Euvin Naidoo

Director & Member of the Board, Centre of Excellence in Financial Services

Euvin Naidoo has been honored by being appointed Director & Member of the Board to the Centre of Excellence in Financial Services (COEFS), headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. COEFS mission is to identify friction points in the financial services sector and engage local, regional and global policy makers, regulators and industry decision makers by initiating dialogue through credible thought leadership and commitment to progress, excellence and inclusion for all. Splitting his time between the United states and South Africa, Euvin will concentrate on best practice case studies from emerging markets and Africa that can serve as an example to developed markets to learn from and vice versa, with a focus on innovation in payments, financial services, entrepreneurship and the role of technology centered on enhancing customer service delivery. COEFs focus and engagement on the WEF's research on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Global Competitive Report, with financial services as a key pillar to drive access, inclusion and growth, forms part of an overall approach to connect and exchange best practices between developing and emerging markets. The approach is also rooted in the belief that innovation in this new ecosystem (payments, blockchain, risk services, scaling of SMEs, successful last mile delivery of services) will stem from and in part also be pioneered in emerging markets (e.g Mpesa case example) and that it is the combination of smart policy, execution and public and private sector players working together, that will be a the heart of driving innovation, scale and growth. Euvin is humbled to serve alongside some of the financial services and banking sectors most distinguished leaders at COEFS, to support the mission to bring focus to key matters impacting financial services at a local, regional and global level.