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Felipe Larraín Bascuñán

Professor and Director, Latin American Center for Economic and Social Policy, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

1981, BA in Economics, Universidad Católica de Chile; 1983, MA in Economics and 1985, PhD, Harvard University. 1997-99, Robert F Kennedy Visiting Professor of Latin American Studies, Harvard University; 2000-02, Faculty Fellow, Harvard University. Since 2010, Minister of Finance of Chile. Fellow, World Economic Forum. Since 1985, Economic Adviser to Latin American governments. Member of the board of companies and non-profit institutions. Consultant on macroeconomic issues for: World Bank; UN; Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean; IDB; IMF. Editor or author of 12 books, including: Economic Development in Democracy: Proposals for a Free and Caring Society; Debt, Adjustment and Recovery: Latin America's Prospects for Growth and Development; The Public Sector and the Latin American Crisis. Co-Author (with J. Sachs), Macroeconomics in the Global Economy. Author of over 140 articles published in specialized journals and books. Recipient of awards and honours, including: Finance Minister of the Year 2010, Americas, The Banker Magazine; Latin America's Minister of Finance 2010, Emerging Markets Magazine.