Geoffrey B. West

Distinguished Professor, Santa Fe Institute

1961, BA, Cambridge University; 1966, PhD, Stanford University. Theoretical physicist on elementary particles and their cosmological implications. Formerly: with Physics Faculty, Stanford University; leader and founder, High Energy Physics Group and Senior Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory. With Santa Fe Institute: since 2003, Distinguished Professor; 2005-09, President; research covers universal scaling laws and unifying framework of biology; extension to cities, companies and long-term sustainability. Author of several books. Fellow, American Physical Society. 2006, named one of 100 Most Influential People in the World, Time magazine; 2007, work selected as breakthrough idea, Harvard Business Review. Recipient of awards: Mercer Prize, Ecological Society of America; Weldon Memorial Prize, for Mathematical Biology; Glenn Award for Aging Research. Szilard prize American Physical Society.