Gerry Adams

President, Sinn Féin

In the 1960s, worked as a bartender while becoming involved in the civil rights movement; 1972, interned on the Maidstone, a British prison ship; following this initial internment, he was released from prison to participate in peace talks with the British Government; 1973-77, arrested again and held without trial; 1983, elected President of Sinn Féin and Member of British Parliament from West Belfast; refused to take his seat in Westminster; continued to campaign for Irish Unity and the rights of Irish nationalists; April 1993, along with John Hume former SDLP leader begins the Irish Peace Initiative which led to the Peace process and the Good Friday Agreement; travelled to the US to meet with Political leaders including President Clinton and Bush; Member of British Parliament and the Assembly in Belfast; currently, President, Sinn Féin, the largest Nationalist party in the North of Ireland; Member, PEN, the international guild of writers. Author of several books, including: "A Pathway to Peace, The Politics of Irish Freedom"; "Selected Writings"; "Falls Memories"; "Cage Eleven"; "The Street and Other Stories"; "Before the Dawn." Featured columnist on Irish politics, The Irish Voice. Interests: Gaelic sports.

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