Ghida Ibrahim

Data Scientist, Infrastructure Engineering, Facebook

Ghida works as a quantitative engineer/data scientist in the edge infrastructure team at Facebook London, where she uses data mining, analysis and modeling to drive the expansion and optimize the operation of one of the largest and most complex networks forming the internet. Many of the projects that she led aim at leveraging Facebook data insights to help build a more inclusive internet, mainly through increasing internet penetration and the quality of experience witnessed by people worldwide online. Prior to joining Facebook, Ghida worked for 6+ years in the Telco and media industries, in France and the Netherlands, performing a multitude of roles including data science and machine learning, network capacity planning and platform design, R&D and academic teaching. She holds a PhD and Masters in IT and Network Engineering from Telecom ParisTech, France top engineering school in ICT, and completed e-specializations in data science, machine learning and deep learning at Johns Hopkins, Stanford university and Ghida is a firm believer in using deep technology for social good. She is the founder of Rafiqi (, a platform that leverages artificial intelligence for connecting refugees to life opportunities. Rafiqi is currently being piloted in the UK and has been recently a finalist of the Tech for Good UK awards. Ghida served as an advisor, technical trainer, speaker and board member for over 5 NGOs working on youth and women empowerment through tech and entrepreneurship, in the Arab world and beyond. Her most recent community engagement includes being selected as the London dean of the School of AI, a NGO on a mission to offer world class AI (Artificial Intelligence) education to everyone on earth for free. She is an AI democratizer and educator, who has already provided free in-person workshops on data science and machine learning to over 500 domain outsiders in the middle east, Europe and India, and is currently working with Edraak ( on developing the first online MOOC on data science in Arabic. She contributes to the World Economic Forum, both as a Global Shaper and an appointed expert member of the Global Future Council on Computing. In her free time, Ghida enjoys learning and occasionally performing Improvisation and stand-up comedy, blogging, reading, piano, yoga, learning new languages and globe-trotting.